Hannah Ling, 10/10/2019
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Taking inspiration from the Las Posadas festival, Church Army's Advent resource enables churches and families to journey through the Christmas story by hosting Mary and Joseph. It's a chance to invite those in your community to join in on the fun as well as reflect on those who don't have a place to stay, just like Mary and Joseph didn't have a place to stay when they arrived in Bethlehem.

“It’s amazing how much impact the #PosadaJourney is having beyond our doors. It’s great to see our faith wandering around in the community.” - Holy Nativity Church, North Yorkshire

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  • Please run Posada within COVID-safe guidelines and the government’s restrictions.
  • If you are passing Nativity figures between different households make sure you wash your hands thoroughly,  then wipe the figures down with antibacterial wipes or spray. After you’ve done this, put them in a bag or box and don’t touch them again.
  • When passing the Nativity figures to the next household please ensure you maintain the safe 2m distance and don’t enter households in areas this is currently prohibited in (please refer to your local guidelines). We suggest putting a bag/box with the figures in on the floor and then stepping away before the next people pick them up.
  • If there are people in your community who are worried about being involved in Posada due to coronavirus, print out or email them the Reading Guide and the Poster to put in their window so they can still take part. They are, of course, still welcome to make a donation to support Church Army’s work (and will then receive a Posada Decoration as a thank you).

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